Jacob Elordi Has Been Living The Dream Filming Passionate Love Scenes With Sydney Sweeney On "Euphoria," And He Knows It

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"I needed to have something different in my eyes in the way that I looked at her."

🚨 Warning: MASSIVE Euphoria spoilers!! 🚨

Season 2 of Euphoria has already put together some unlikely characters in situations that are much wilder than last season...

Fez and Lexi.



And of course, Nate and Cassie.


In the first two episodes of Season 2 alone, Nate and Cassie have shared some intense looks, lots of naked scenes, and a very terrifying truck ride.

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Every time they're in the truck, I'm scared. 

Well, in a recent Entertainment Weekly interview, Jacob Elordi said that Nate and Cassie are a "bit of Bonnie and Clyde" this season. "We had nothing to do with each other in the first season, and so I never really ever worked with her," he said. "But I mean creatively this season, we became a bit of a Bonnie and Clyde."


"Every time I was in, I was in with her, and vice versa. And she's so, so good at what she does that it was just such a treat the entire time working with her. She brings it every single take, every single scene."

In Season 1, most of Jacob's romantic scenes involved Alexa Demie (Maddy), and were more centered on showcasing Nate's abusive control. This season, he says it was "completely different" shooting with Sydney.


"With that particular storyline (Nate and Cassie), I tried to treat it almost like I was making a romance film," he explained. "I needed to have something different in my eyes in the way that I looked at her."


"When I was working with Alexa last season, it was like a drama," he added. "Everything was combative, everything was always on edge, everything was always worried. Whereas with Sydney, I never really thought about love a lot in the first season, where I was saying earlier, this season for me was about love. So I tried to play the scenes almost as if I was making a completely different movie, you know?"

The biggest question for fans about the Nate/Cassie storyline is whether or not it's real. For Jacob, he believes Nate "has no concept of what real love is."


"I think he's doing that thing, trying to convince himself like, 'This is right in front of me. This is a good girl. She loves me. I have full control over her. This must be what love is,'" he explained. "Because that's his thing. The whole time I think he has no fucking idea what love is. He's not loved by his mom. He's not loved by his dad. He's not loved by his peers. He has no concept of what real love is. So he's just trying the best he can to understand it."

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