The Artists of Sing Sing

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Journalists incarcerated astatine San Quentin nutrient a monthly broadsheet newspaper. Cowboys locked up astatine the Louisiana State Penitentiary execute astatine the Angola Prison Rodeo (events see tube racing and a crippled of poker successful which 4 men play seated astatine a array portion a escaped bull bucks around). Recently, astatine Sing Sing Correctional Facility, a maximum-security situation 30 miles up the stream from New York City, respective painters gathered for an creation show. “There was a 2nd earlier contiguous erstwhile I thought this wasn’t going to happen,” Ryan Lawrence, who wore wire-frame glasses and paint-splattered enactment boots, said. He had a caller stick-and-poke tattoo of a lion connected his near arm.

Darrian BennettIllustration by João Fazenda

“Oh, man, the concern was rough,” different artist, Charles Minson, said, wiping sweat from his bald head. He wore a pressed reddish fabric garment tucked into state-issued greenish trousers. “Last night, they had a large happening successful the yard—”

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