Wirecutter Recommends: The Best Partner

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The ongoing pandemic has lone exacerbated the trouble of uncovering an perfect spouse for the purposes of companionship, intimacy, and low-stakes bickering. After researching 3 100 and fifty-five adult-human archetypes and investigating immoderate 4 dozen, we astatine Wirecutter confidently connection these suggestions for the partners slightest apt to disappoint you, what with your precocious expectations and all.

Our pick
Licensed Carpenter
Why we liked them: We tried licensed plumbers, electricians, and wide contractors, but carpenters stood retired for their operation of pensiveness, artistry, and pleasant sawdust aroma, not to notation the dependable request for their skills. (Our testers enjoyed intersexual legislature with plumbers but were enactment disconnected by the occasional whiff of sewage.) Licensed carpenters person abilities that are transferrable to location and leisure pursuits, e.g., slicing summertime squash and Thai eggplants connected a mandoline without cutting disconnected fingertips, picking a banjo successful Earl Scruggs style, and restoring abandoned Old Town canoes. Licensed carpenters are besides physically acceptable without being vain oregon utmost astir it. The 1 we tried astir precocious was mostly sinewy, but with an unintimidating midsection that was pleasingly brushed to the touch.

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